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ZINKT is a Salesforce App

At ZINKT we understand that rewarding your employees is a key driver for increased motivation, sales & profits.

 Delayed or underpayment is a major factor in employee dissatisfaction, churn and can permanently damage employee relationships.

What is ZINKT?

When automating sales incentives, many companies face the complex problem of organizing accurate data that has the trust & confidence of their employees. 

ZINKT is a Salesforce App that puts you in control of your data.


Ease of use

Get your sales teams engaged
and excited by a Salesforce tool
that is easy to use.

Inspires collaboration

Enable your employees to
resolve data issues fast, instilling
confidence that the compensation information is
accurate and up to date.

System Integration

Increases productivity

Connect your sales team to their deals from when they are won to
when payments are

Data visualization

Key data from Xactly is
connected to Salesforce,
opening a whole new world
for data visualization

Streamlined Implementation

ZINKT is already integrated with Xactly to drastically reduce your implementation time, avoid complex development work and give you control of your data.

automate sales incentives with ZINKT

7 reasons to get ZINKT


Enable the rapid deployment of Xactly Incent


Work within one cloud-based system


Set yourself free from manual processes


Control, govern & manage your sales data in one place


Take control of your sales processes


Get engaged in your customer’s quote to cash journey


Get the insights you need to maximize sold revenue

ZINKT’s Core Products

ZINKT Quick Start gives you a prebuilt solution pack that you can customize to fit your business needs. It is quick to install so you can prepare your sales team NOW for
automated compensation.

ZINKT Premium uses the power of Salesforce to handle very complex scenarios, process big data and provide key insights into each step of your quote-to-cash process.

Approved Partner

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ZINKT are approved Xactly partners that specialize in preparing organizations that use Salesforce for implementing Xactly Incent.  

Click here to find out more about Xactly incent.

We understand that for many organizations automating sales incentives can seem like a giant leap.  

Talk to ZINKT and we will provide a free, quick and simple evaluation of your readiness to automate sales incentives. 

We will also explain how we can help you take the small steps forward that will ensure your automated sales incentive plan goals are a success.