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Sales Performance Management gets a lot more powerful with ZINKT.

ZINKT is the high-performance Salesforce application that provides businesses with deeper, more accurate, revenue intelligence.

Get greater control over your revenue journey, more clarity into your sales, finance , and operations processes, and better top-line revenue.

See your revenue stream like you’ve never seen it before.

ZINKT amplifies the effectiveness of your SPM program by bringing together key data points from your Sales, Finance, and Operations teams.

Better, more accurate revenue intelligence. In real time.

By combining critical data points from across your organization, ZINKT delivers real-time insights
and tight control over vital revenue processes and business operations – all in one place.

Better control means better top-line results.

– Madeleine Coutanceau

   Senior Systems and Salesforce Administrator

“As a Salesforce administrator, having ZINKT in Salesforce is kind of a dream.”

We’re here to help.

We understand that for many organizations automating sales incentives can seem like a giant leap. Talk to us and we will provide a free, quick and simple evaluation of your readiness for ZINKT.

We will also explain how we can help you take the small steps forward that will ensure your automated sales incentive plan goals are a success.